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UB641-TC Bake Element

Competition: 14.95$
TechClub: 14.23$
Member: 12.10$

199D559H01, 199D784H03, 199D789H08, 211633-1010, 2118181010, 211818-1010, 37-660-004, 37-EB740B, 37-UB643, 400005-004, 40001-001, 40005-003, 500113, 5300207517, 679D209H02, 731D278H02, 731D278H03, 731D278H04, 731D278H05, 731D278H06, 777980020129, 902314, 902350, 902808, 902929, AH3492085, AM001-025, AM001-052F, AM001-081, AM001-088, AM001-110, AM001-111, AM001-116, AM001-123, AM001-171, AM001-171P, AP5177405, B01MSBZ8ST, BA3000U, CT329, CT374, CT425, CT427, EA054, EA3492085, EAP3492085, EB548B, EB640, EB640B, EB740, EB-740, EB780, EB780B, KD424, KD427, OE329, OE716, PS3492085, Q147361, Q147363, Q147364, Q147365, Q147366, Q207517, RB147, RB-147, RB425, RB427, RP44X228, RP641, SK-44M147, T1BK40005002, TI-20660-004, TI-20968-001, TI-21058-001, TI-44M147, TIB020968001, TIBK21058001, TIBK40005002, TIBK40005003, TIBK40005004, TIBK4005004, TIBO20968001, TIBQ20980003, TIBQ40035001, TJUB642, TX25-Z12, TX27-Z2, UB641, UB641B, UB642B, UB643, UB643B, WB44M123, WB44M132, WB44M145, WB44M147, WB44M923, WB44M927, WB44X228, WG02F05395

Additional Information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 20.0 x 2.0 x 20.0 in


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