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This site is reserved for technicians and distributors in appliances. In addition, Members enjoy instant discounts and receive all special events, and promotion prices and exclusivity.

Competitive Prices

Our purchasing power with manufacturers ensures competitive prices throughout the year. We know your time is valuable so do not worry about whether you are paying too much for your parts, TechClub makes sure to negotiate the best prices.

Delivery anywhere in Canada

With an order reaching the minimum required, we will send your order across Canada for free within a short timeframe. In most regions, the carrier Dicom will be able to deliver your order the next day.

Free Shipping in Quebec & Canada

on orders above $250.00 & $500.00 only

Huge Savings

at lowest price

Best Selling Products


Jazz Control Board

Competition: $74.34
TechClub: $57.32

DC47-00019A-TC Heater Element

Competition: $38.77
TechClub: $17.26

285753A-TC Metal Coupling

Competition: $27.05
TechClub: $3.23

3949247-TC Door Switch

Competition: $19.93
TechClub: $4.36

3392519-TC Thermo-Fuse

Competition: $3.78
TechClub: $1.19

279838-TC Element

Competition: $34.05
TechClub: $20.34

215846602 Defrost Timer 8h30m

Competition: $14.36
TechClub: $8.07

3363394-TC Pump

Competition: $18.95
TechClub: $6.97

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