Conditions of sale and warranty

Transport costs: Orders of $ 500.00 or more (before taxes) will be shipped without cost in Canada. Orders of $300.00 or more (before taxes) will be shipped without cost in Quebec. The delivery time is 2-4 days.

Membership:  To have a  Member status, you must be a merchant or an appliance technician. An eligibility check will be performed. (No sales to individual customer) 

Warranty of Tech-Club parts: All parts are sold with a three-month warranty. Electrical parts are not refundable and/or exchangeable. 20% return handling fees will be charged on all other parts prior authorization. No refund or exchange for deliveries outside Canada in the event of breakage by foreign carriers.

Warranty for our members: Parts advertised by members on the website, whether new or slightly used, are not covered under the Tech-Club warranty.

Returns – IMPORTANT:

To return any defective parts and avoid excessive shipping fees and maintain our competitive prices, we accept to refund the shipping fees of three (3) returns per year, at your discretion. Once a member exceeds that limit, shipping fees will be charged in full. Please fill out the form available under the PARTS section to receive a confirmation before proceeding. If you are not a member, you must pay the shipping return fees.

Methods of payment:

– PAYPAL (credit cards):

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Good-standing member accounts: Make sure you keep your Member status updated to keep the lowest prices.


All part numbers, photos & illustrations, intellectual property and logos are intended only for the identification of items.
The items offered are not represented as being manufactured by the company of the original device.